Mirai Tategami== Mirai Tategami is the twin sister of Kyouya Tategami. She is a girl that loves to attend rock concerts and raves. Her bey is Rainbow Iris,


Mirai in the Metal Fusion saga is a girl that changes her outfits. She is mostly seen in a black t-shirt, pink-red mini skirt with a heart chain belt, bright pink fishnet tights, and black and pink boots. Her hair is long and the same color as Kyouya's, her hair changes but is mostly in a high ponytail with a big black bow, she also wears natural makeup, her eyes are not like Kyouya's however, and are lilac purple (but when she transforms in Greek Legends her eyes turned rainbow colored).

When she's at raves, she wears kandi bracelets and a kandi necklace, rainbow fluffies and neon pink fishnet tights on her legs, rainbow rave tutu skirt, rainbow rave tube top, black converse with glow in the dark laces and neon green fishnet armwarmers, her hair is left loose and rave/scene styled, and she wears rainbow rave makeup.


Mirai is bubbly and cheerful enough to make her seem like a young youthful girl. She enjoys helping people and loves to draw anime and manga. She is a huge gamer and she's as what people call her a "rave-rocker girl". She never leaves without makeup on. She is quite a sugar junkie at times and can loose focus at the wrong time. She loves rainbows. It's also revealed that she has a fear of spiders



Kyouya Tategami, her twin brother